Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development (Brancosoft)

Full Stack Development

Brancosoft Nov 01, 2018 Comments

Developing new software involves two main types of technical knowledge. On one hand, front-end development involves all the user-facing parts of software development. Front-end developers make decisions about how the program will look, operate, and interact with the user. On the other hand, back-end development is all the behind the scenes work that users don’t see, but that make a program function well. Back-end developers spend a lot of time creating and working with databases, and they get the various parts of a piece of software to work with one another seamlessly. In order to build a piece of great software, you need both. Often, this means that companies will hire one developer/firm for the front end and another for the back end. However, if you can find a developer with experience building the full stack, you can create new software faster and cheaper. You also often end up with a better result.

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